Gastronomía de Menorca

Lobster stew

Lobsters from the Balearic Islands are known for being the best, especially the highly prized ones caught between Mallorca and Menorca.

The delicious lobster is the queen of the Balearic Sea. It belongs to the European lobster species, scientifically known as Homarus Gammarus, and inhabits the rocky coast and feed on smaller animals such as squids, mussels, sea urchins. Lobsters may reach 50 cm long and have reddish or lilac shells with spikes for self-defense. They weight about 400 to 600 g and may be caught following traditional methods, with banquets used as traps on the seabed. These crustaceans are protected in the Balearic Islands, and capture is only permitted between 1st of March to 31st of August. During this period, only lobsters larger than 19 cm can be caught.

The lobster is the basis of the delicious caldereta, a stew that can be savored in most of the seafood restaurants on the coast. This is a stock that resembles the bullabesa. Many of the restaurants have their lobsters in large aquariums, allowing their clients to choose the preferred lobster for their dish. In order to know if a lobster is fresh, you should lift it by its antennae and check if it moves its tail with energy.

The lobster stew from Cala Fornells

A caldereta de langosta is recommended all around the Baleares coast, but there is a place that stands up from the rest: Fornells in northern Menorca. In this small and charming fishing village it is prepared the most famous lobster stew among gourmets, one of them being former King of Spain Don Juan Carlos, who even quoted this as his favourite dish. In his holidays in the Island he has more than once been in Fornells to enjoy this delicious dish on the few but special restaurants in this bay, some of them with terraces over the sea and with fantastic views.

Few things match a delicious dinner in such a romantic place in a place we would like to stay forever. Fornells matches all these with a supreme lobster stew in an idyllic setting.

Fornells is a place worth visiting. Apart from its lobster stew, the bay is famous among nature enthusiasts, surfers and sailors. From Fornells’ tower, built by the English in 1802 at the main entry to the bay, you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of open sea and cliffs. The view reaches Cap de Cavalleria, protected zone of special interest, where it is found the first open air museum in Menorca with archeological findings from several periods in history.